On Point

In 2023, I became the Audio Lead on Actuator Digital’s game, On Point (in development). I was quickly given additional responsibilities as the main Game Designer and Producer and shortly after became the Creative Director.

On Point is a VR shooting gallery experience, inspired by the classic 90s arcade game, Point Blank. The goal with On Point is to make a highly accessible and approachable VR game, perfect for people of all ages, abilities, and anyone that is a VR beginner. The On Point world is vibrant, cartoony, and non-violent.

As Audio Lead, On Point has been one of the most fun soundscapes I’ve had the pleasure to create. The sound design is satisfying, juicy and bombastic, requiring many layered sound effects. I often find myself creating specific sound effect libraries for a single sound, using 5-10 different layers, with a variety of audio effects, just to reach the exact tone I’m looking for.

Musically, I referenced the style of old arcade games, as well as modern energetic shooters, and found a sweet spot with fun and frenetic electronic base-tracks. Using different instruments on top of the electronic base, each track is themed to its environment. The end result is unique themed tracks that also retain a contextualised sound for the whole game.

I can’t wait for On Point to be released and to share this amazing VR experience with the world.