Submerged: Hidden Depths

On Submerged: Hidden Depths, I was brought on as the voice actor for the main character, Miku, completed voice editing, and was also responsible for ambient sound design.

This was the most challenging voice acting role I’ve done, as the team had created their own language for their world. On top of this, the voice acting was quite emotional and I had to practice a lot to make sure I was saying the right words in the language while also hitting the poignant emotional cues.

Editing my own voice was also a tricky task. However, this became a huge learning experience for me. Since this project I’ve done numerous voice acting jobs where I’ve also had to edit my own voice, and I now find lots of passion and drive in combining these two processes. I find I’m able to critique and direct myself to achieve the best version of the voice acting possible.

For the ambient sound design, I combined some foley recording with sound effect libraries to create multiple different layers of ocean behaviour, types of weather and location specific elements such as birds, insects, and other parts of the environment. All these elements were set to fade in and out and trigger depending on the players location in the world, creating a thorough and interactive ambient soundscape for the game.