Talking Pets

During my time as Audio Lead at Replica Studios, we started an experimental game project to utilize the studio’s generative AI voice libraries. I was asked to come up with initial concepts, and then became responsible for game design, as well as audio.

My vision for Talking Pets was to make a kid-friendly game about finding loveable and quirky creatures that each had their own personality, voice, and abilities. The first pet, which also became the main icon for the game, was Fuzzmunk. The characters were designed to be kind, helpful, and above all else, your best friend. In Talking Pets, you must collect various items which can be found in the different outside worlds; some items can only be collected by certain pets using their unique abilities. Players can then use these items to build everything they need to look after their pets, and upgrades to their home, to make it their own. Players could explore by themselves, or with their friends online.

When it came to creating the audio for this game, I was extremely excited to blend organic sounds with soft satisfying synthetic elements, both for the sound design and music.

The main goal with the sound design was to at all times make the player feel GOOD! The item collection sounds were poppy and made collecting multiple items in a row feel like it tingled your brain. Finding new pets had a musical sting type sound that enhanced the special moment of finding a new pet for your family.

For the music, I set out with the vision to make each outside world have its own memorable theme. Similar to Zelda, each outside world had an environmental theme, such as the Forest, the Cave, the Snowy Mountains etc. I used the world building of each environment to inform the stylistic choices of each music track. The soundtrack ended up being one of my all time favourites to write, as its friendly and adventurous nature amplified the gameplay and the connection players would build with their pets.