After working with Witchbeam on their first title, Assault Android Cactus, I had the privilege to be part of the audio team for their hit game, Unpacking.

This project was special for many reasons; not only was it a significant audio feat with incredible attention to detail, but the audio team consisted of myself, and my parents, Angela and Jeff van Dyck. This was the first intensive project the three of us worked on simultaneously, and it was a truly special experience.

For Unpacking, my main responsibility was Foley recording and editing. This consisted of a lot of experimentation at first, testing different methods we could use to achieve accurate room tone. It also included tireless hours recording multiple variations of ‘pick up’ and ‘put down’ sounds of household objects. Recording these sounds required a lot of attention and nuance, as some objects would be heavy and loud, and some were soft and subtle.

This also stretched into the editing side of things, but our team developed and utilized effective tools to make these processes easier.
Unpacking went on to receive multiple awards, including several for audio.

My involvement in this game really made me fall in love with indie game development; it illuminated the wonderful feeling of working with a close-knit team, on an incredibly beautiful and personal project.